Ubuntu Privacy Remix v10.04r3 一个独立的操作系统

Ubuntu Privacy Remix 是一个源自 Ubuntu Linux 的 LiveCD Linux发行版,其主要目的并不是让你安装在机器中作为一个长期使用的操作系统,它主要是提供一个独立的工作环境,可以安全地处理各种私人数据。尽管它还是可以安装在电脑上,但没有提供网路和本地硬盘设备的支持。


UPR 10.04r3
Hybrid-ISO for DVD or USB-Stick (de, en, es, it, fr)

GnuPG Signature for upr-10.04r3.iso

UPR 10.04r3 and Tails 0.16
Dualboot DVD/USB with UPR for secure local working and Tails 0.16 for anonymous Internet usage.

GnuPG Signature for upr-10.04r3+tails-0.16.iso

Mirror 3: upr-10.04r3+tails-0.16.iso.sig
Mirror 4: upr-10.04r3+tails-0.16.iso.sig



Based on Ubuntu 10.0.4
Uses a new kernel based on Linux 3.0.26, which adds support for a lot of (newer) hardware.
The GPG-Frontend was updated, bugs were fixed and new features added.
The handling of TrueCrypt volumes has been further improved. It is now possible to check fully-encrypted drives. New options for fixing more difficult filesystem damages were added.
Added multimedia codecs so that now (nearly) all common audio and video formats can be played.
VirtualBox OSE was added to allow execution of other operating systems within the secure UPR environment.
Bugs have been fixed and small features were added
More Details of new features and concepts can be found in the manuals, accessible from the „Help“ Menu. The corresponding sections are marked with „New“.

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