2、新版本更加强调只邀请您完全信任的人加入 Lantern,所以在一定程度上,您可以邀请的人数将会受到限制。整个网络的安全取决于软件和我们的所有用户能一起对抗封锁。这个改变意味着当您安装这 个版本的时候,您的好友列表会被重置为零。我们对因此带来的不便表示歉意。为重启整个网络,只邀请我们最亲近的人是最基本的要求。

3、我们寄重建网络的希望于你们,只邀请您认识并且信任的人。感谢你们能与我们一起发展 Lantern。我们在过去的几个月里学到了许多如何让 Lantern 更加抗封锁的经验。这些经验让我们能克服 Lantern 的缺陷,并让它在未来能一直继续运行下去





Hi Everyone!

It's our pleasure to announce the imminent release of Lantern 1.2.0. For those who have been following Lantern closely, you know this release has been a long time coming at least by Lantern standards, as we haven't released an official new version since Christmas Day. This version primarily integrates changes implemented in response to Lantern being blocked in China. We've taken two primary steps to address the situation:
1) We've made Lantern harder to identify on the network
2) We've limited the number of invites each user has
The purpose of the second change is to convey to users more clearly that invites to Lantern are a precious resource and that people should not be invited lightly. Each invite should truly be a trusted contact who you trust to proxy your traffic and to participate in the Lantern network as a relay for other Lantern network participants (ie, you should trust them to be someone who will only invite trusted people). Remember, your traffic on Lantern can actually go through your peers who are as many as four network hops away, so when you invite someone that person becomes a new potential source for learning about Lantern users who you don't immediately trust. Please feel free to ask on this list if that's not clear, as it's a relatively complex result of our use of the Kaleidoscope limited advertisement protocol for blocking resistance (
As you know, Lantern is no longer automatically inviting users who sign up through the web site. If you've used Lantern in the past, however, you will receive an email update within the next several weeks with a link to the new version. If you have not yet used Lantern, you'll have to wait for an existing Lantern user to invite you.
As always, thanks so much for everyone's support. The whole team is really excited to get this version back in your hands, particularly for users who have had their Lantern's blocked, and we're really excited for what we have in store for future versions.
- Team Lantern


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