翻墙及加密聊天BlackBelt Privacy Tor+WASTE darkNet() v2.1.2012.12

*BlackBelt Privacy tor+WASTE darkNet是网友wormflyware 开发的一个很好的tor翻墙工具并集成你WASTE加密聊天。本文是刚更新的v2.1.2012.12。

有关详细介绍请参考美博园前文:翻墙软件BlackBeltPrivacy Tor+WASTE v2012.04.001 - 美博园

适用于多种主流系统:Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64, Linux (WINE).


官方稳定版下载 2012年12月19日 升级 BlackBelt Privacy vv2.1.2012.12
Download BlackBelt Privacy v2.1.2012.12.exe


1、BlackBeltPrivacy - Normal User Install 适合普通网友使用tor:

2、BlackBelt Privacy - Censored User Install 适合受到网络审查的中国、伊拉克等网友,即翻墙用户要看这个教程:

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8条评论 in “翻墙及加密聊天BlackBelt Privacy Tor+WASTE darkNet() v2.1.2012.12”
  1. We have successfully transitioned to the use of a Tor Firefox profile.

    We would like to thank 2 anonymous beta-testers who offered valuable time and feedback to enable this to work. We think we have ironed out the bugs, but please feed back if you find any. We thrive on feedback. Many features now in the product came about due to our users and their insatiable desire to have things their way.

    Download the latest releases to benefit.

    The best experience is achieved with Firefox already installed.

    The Tor Firefox profile is added to Firefox for you and allows the use of Tor with an existing Firefox installation. This has great advantages over Tails and the Tor Plugin. Tails is a huge download and the Tor button has confused some. This is in no way a fault of the plugin developer. Its an uphill battle to keep up with the new release schedule of Firefox and the implications to security. Its not Mozilla's fault either. They are duty bound to provide a quality and current release. Thats working out well.

    With the profile it is possible for us to provide ...
    ... sensible plugins with the install.
    ... a tuned Firefox experience with sensible configuration defaults.
    ... a low panopiclick score, because every user of this software looks the same online.
    ... an installer that is as small as possible, while still providing good capability.

    To use the new profile...
    1. Close down Firefox.
    2. Use the new Firefox Profile (Tor) icon to activate the profile chooser.
    3. Choose the Tor profile.

    *** NOTE : Each time you launch Firefox using a normal (non-Firefox tor) icon Firefox will launch with the last profile that was in use. Ours is easy to identify as we provide 2 shortcuts to the Tor check project and Panopticlick.

    As always we would like to thank our users. This software is nothing without you. Its that simple.
    If you are using this software, pat yourself on the back please.



  2. 我们已经成功地过渡到一个Tor的Firefox配置文件使用。










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